[25] Social Statements, which must be adopted by a two-thirds majority of a Churchwide Assembly, have been adopted on the following topics: Abortion (1991) Church in Society (1991) Death Penalty (1991) Economic Life (1999) Education (2007) . The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America released today a proposed social statement, “Genetics, Faith and Responsibility,” revised somewhat since a draft last year raised controversy among members who … God’s work never stops. Hours and lines of communication remain the same. Accompanied by a 6-page glossary and 5 pages of footnotes, it takes on complex and sometimes controversial issues at the intersection of science and religion. . Also available for free download. The statement provides guidance for discerning what justice and wisdom mean and points to practices that respect human dignity and encourage Christian community in this age of genetic knowledge. Please note: It is sold in packs of 5. Price: $1.25 . The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) released March 18 a 49-page draft social statement on genetics, a framework for discussion on a … ELCA Social Statement and Gene Editing •Use the Ethical Framework: Respect and promote the community of life with justice and wisdom •Engage in moral scrutiny and offer time and access for moral deliberation. . This social statement was adopted by the 2011 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. Follow these links to find supplemental resources for understanding this social statement: We are the church that shares a living, daring confidence in God's grace. Criminal Justice. . . With gratitude for those who have gone before and hope for the future, the ELCA gives thanks to God for the ministry of women. . . . OUR UNITY AND DIVERSITY IN CHRIST A. The ethic of respecting and promoting the community of life with justice and wisdom in the pursuit of genetic knowledge and its use is essential if the web of life on earth is to flourish. As of 2018, it has approximately 3.4 million baptized members in 9,091 congregations.. . This is the social statement on genetics, which was adopted by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Churchwide Assembly in 2011. CHICAGO (ELCA) -- The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is studying genetics in preparation for a social statement. UPDATE: ELCA issues revised statement on genetics and faith Grand Forks Herald ^ | 2/24/11 | Stephen J. Lee Posted on 02/24/2011 4:28:31 PM PST by SmithL. APPROVED by the ELCA Church Council- November 2016 [CC16.11.46n] The ELCA 1social statements Caring for Creation: Vision, Hope and Justice (1993) “Sufficient, Sustainable Livelihood for All” (1999)2 and "Genetics, Faith and Responsibility” (2011)3 provide benchmarks for our role as Christians in economic Drafts have no official standing as statements of the ELCA. The statement is broad-reaching in scope and was developed through a multi-year effort lead by a task force and involving multiple points of feedback from throughout the church. Resource Catalog 8765 W Higgins Rd Chicago, IL 60631 Skip to comments. Corporate Response As the problems above indicate, all privately and publicly held corporations face issues . United States Ph: 800-638-3522 e-mail: resources@elca.org. The assembly adopted a social statement “Genetics, Faith and Responsibility,” its 11th such statement, by a 942-34 vote. . Evangelical Lutheran Church in America A Social Statement on: ABORTION1 This social teaching statement was adopted by a more than two-thirds majority vote at the sec-ond biennial Churchwide Assembly of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, meeting in Orlando, Florida, August 28-September 4, 1991. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Churchwide Assembly in Orlando in August is expected to discuss and finalize a social statement on genetics. The ELCA social statement “Genetics, Faith and Responsibility” (August 2011)7 and accompanying genetics issue paper8 address specific issues relating to genetics and domestic health. //-->. . others who employ genetic engineering in the world do so responsibly, with high regard for the public good. . . . They report: "The draft said that the word "genetics" never appears in Scripture, but states, "We believe … that God's word in Scripture illuminates the challenges and issues posed by genetic knowledge and its application." [2] According to a 2004 ELCA social policy resolution, The human capacity for genetic manipulation should be understood, in principle, as one of God's gifts in … In light of God’s sustained and creative work in creation, the statement recognizes these developments as carrying both promise for abundant good and potential for immeasurable harm. There's also another interesting perspective about ELCA's next social statement on a pharmacy web site. ELCAOS1003 - Social Stmt on Genetics, Faith and Responsibility: This is the social statement on genetics, which was adopted by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Churchwide Assembly in 2011. This social statement will address both human and non-human genetics. Genetics The ELCA social statement on human genetics was adopted by the Churchwide Assembly in 2011. Per Anderson, co-chair of the ELCA task force on genetics, said the statement is designed to understand the science and ethics of genetic manipulation in view of advancements in medical and agricultural research. Unfortunately the ELCA has changed how we regard the Holy Scriptures with regard to other faith traditions. Download full statement… process to develop a social statement on genetics, however, with the aim of bringing a statement for consideration to the 2011 Churchwide Assembly. Most recently the proposed statement was reviewed by the ELCA Conference … Though a theological and teaching document, the social statement is not intended to serve as "a list of specific decisions on particular genetic issues," Janet Williams, co-chair of the task force, told … The Social Statement on Genetics states that, “ the meaning of genetic knowledge and the debates about its use will be inadequately explored and morally dangerous without attention to the wisdom of faith traditions. In 2019 and 2020 we celebrate 50 years of Lutheran women being ordained in the United States, 40 years of women of color being ordained, and 10 years of LGBTQIA+ individuals being able to serve freely.
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