The concealed carry market has never been bigger. Built off the basis of the Glock 43X, the Glock 48 is a Glock 19 sized pistol with single-stack width. One thing that puzzles me about the Glock 43X and Glock 48 is that the magazine well is painfully close in width to be able to accept a double stack magazine with thinner steel-only walls. In the meantime, go follow Raven Concealment on Instagram (@ravenconcealment) to watch for more of the Pale Man’s pontification. When comparing the Glock 26 vs 43 and 43X, I'd personally only recommend considering two of these three pistols. One, the draw stroke is a bit shorter than the Glock 19 or Glock 48 because the slide and barrel are shorter, exactly like the Glock 43. After all, at that range and speed, all I’m seeing is the front sight, and the grip is the same between both guns. From the full sized 17 to the compact 43, GLOCK knows 9mms. we never know what the future holds and I am old enough to have learned to never say never. At first glance, you might fail to notice the … The more people that guns appeal to the more we bring into the culture and the more political clout we can wield. • the VanGuard 2 (our AIWB/IWB minimalist holster), The G48 will *also* fit [I left the asterisks in, much better than all caps] in the VG2 for the G43 due to commonality of trigger guard dimensions, but will require its own dedicated Morrigan (pictured) and Perun. And there are instances where a thinner grip is preferable to a shorter grip when it comes to concealability.”. None of my Glocks have ever let me down. Glock’s newest pistols combine slim and compact size with serious capacity to deliver a high-performance, concealment-ready solution for today’s serious shooter. Add to wishlist . Evidently I’m going to be required to purchase a Glock , there certainly appears to be a lot of Glock talk and I have no idea what G string fits best. Two, you can get a firm grip on the pistol faster than you can with the Glock 43 because it's longer and more comfortable to hold onto when it's tucked deep inside your … Nononono, Kahrs have excellent triggers and are noticeably slimmer than a double-stack pistol. I didn’t like the trigger. Magazine Capacity. Different angle showing the grip texture of the Glock 43X and 48 vs the Glock 19. Got email yesterday, Gun mag warehouse has mags in stock. You mentioned something about not being able to use the 43 on the 48 ? 659,00 € TTC. A: RCS was as silent as a church mouse about the G42, G43, G19M, G19X, G45, etc. Additional information. I forgot to mention that the 48 slide worked on my G43 frame. The short answer is buy a Sig P365. Ghost Inc manufactured parts are proudly made in the USA. This, coupled with his encyclopedic, if eerily pale, knowledge of concealing stuff under clothes (read some of his posts about it sometime), lent his commentary a little more credence than others. I must confess that I am one of those people who have always thought the Glocks were aesthetically pleasing. I love my G26, and it isn’t leaving my lineup. The barrel remains the same at 3.41 inches, overall length is 6.5 inches, and the slightly wider and taller frame brings width to 1.1 inches and height to 5.04 inches. Discussion in 'Want To Buy Ads' started by Glock 'em down, Nov 12, 2020. ; commentary below. If you would like more information about the two weapons check out Breach Bang Clear’s Thoughts on the Glock 48 and Glock 43X. The Glock also weighs 23.07 ounces compared to … She will confiscate it. For me the shorter grip really is a selling point, and as JWT noted, I already have quite a few mags with extensions. Sure enough, the Glock 43X was born. It is the gun that I rely on the most. The 19X and the G45 being the most recent cases in point. The S15 is a steel magazine, and is the same length as the OEM Glock® 10 round magazine, but holds an additional 5 rounds. Pretty much the same as any time an interesting or unusual new firearm makes an appearance. The fact that he had the same “hell yeah” reaction to the G48 as @waypoint_shooting (who has significantly smaller hands) did is a testament to how “Goldilocks-perfect” the size of the G48 is. 43x/48. Then they were first to the market with a polymer framed single stack 9mm with the P9—decades before the G43. I think the Glock I shot was a G17, it held a lot of bulits I know that. Rating 97.9% . Thinking back to the 1990s and early 2000s, “small” 9mm handguns just weren’t as small as they are today. The Glock 48 is an interesting combination of earlier Glocks. They are made in the USA and are ruggedized for combat duty. Im new to the world of guns and this would be my only gun for a little while at least. So tell me what’s funny about the fact that after almost 20 years of waiting, Glock finally made the pistol that I always wanted, and now I am excited to tell everyone about it? “The G48 requires a dedicated holster,” advised MC in one post. One thing is certain – they now have a gun for just about every size. More power to Glock for expanding the market. The advent of the Slimline series of Glock pistols (Glock 43X and Glock 48) stirred up a predictably huge amount of discussion. The 43X is my favorite of these options, and I even think it's the best Glock for concealed carry (for most people). Yet they don’t sell. Glock 43X a Glock 48 jsou velikostně dost podobné pistole s tím, že 48 je o něco větší. OldUSN Well-Known Member. Both the 43X and G48 have a grip that’s slightly larger than the original G43. I’ve heard folks say this before I wrote the article, and so I tried it myself. The 43X has the 43 slide on a slightly longer grip frame than the original 43. Excellent article. The 48 has the same frame as the 43X, but has a longer four inch barrel. So, thank you Glock. Q: Is the grip on on a gun the hardest thing to conceal? Wish the mags were interchangeable with the regular ol’ vanilla 43, but can’t have everything I suppose. Everything Glock - Aftermarket Parts for Glock 42/43/43x/48 by Ghost Inc, leaders in aftermarket Glock parts and accessories. The G43X was 1.15 seconds slower. The 43X also includes several of the design updates seen in the Gen5 line including the marksman barrel and smooth, textured grip. In my opinion, the G48 is the most exciting product Glock has released since RCS has been in business.”eval(ez_write_tag([[970,250],'breachbangclear_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_3',107,'0','0'])); Asked about the seemingly minor difference in size, Goerlich responded, He’s right, of course. Not … Glock 48/43X: What We Got Right and Wrong. With a nearly full-size grip length, short trigger distance, built-in beavertail, and reversible magazine catch the Glock 43X 9mm packs the best of Glock … I have seen some people hating on the G48 already because it’s “the same size as a G19, but with less capacity.” Well, for those with smaller hands, the slimmer profile makes it significantly easier to shoot. If these were the triggers GLOCK had come out with back then, there would have never been a GLOCK aftermarket trigger industry. The Glock 43, 43X, 48 and 44? Unlike most ‘little’ guns, the G48 is incredibly shootable by people that can palm a basketball. Shooting off bags at 25 yards, I was getting a lot of 2″ five-round groups with both the G48 and G43X. The P365 with 12 rounders is still a smaller, easier to point, aim and shoot package (with factory night sights already installed). I couldn’t measure any. Joe and Hoyden, thanks for chiming in. David Spicer I was able to swap slides back and forth between the 43X and 48 frames with ease. Top to bottom: G42, G43, G43X, G48 (JWT for TTAG) Although they are extremely similar, the G43X and G48 10-round magazines do not work in the G43. JWT, what sights you using on your G43? Built off the basis of the Glock 43X, the Glock 48 is a Glock 19 sized pistol with single-stack width. In fact, it fits a tremendous range of hand sizes. What they should have made in the first place. I imagine magazine extensions on the G43 … I run the Heinie Straight 8 Ledge Night Sights on everything I can, from the G42 to the G21 to 1911s and Hi Powers. The Glock 43x has a height of 5.04" vs the Glock 43 that measures 4.25". After we received leaks and information about both the Glock G43X and the G48–even more images flooded our inbox. “The 43X fits in our [Raven Concealment Systems] existing 43 holsters.”, “On the left [below] is the Glock 48. The shorter barrel makes IWB way more comfortable than the longer barrel of the 48. Being a Glock shooter since 1993 I have become what many call a GLOCK FAN BOY. When I got home, I detail stripped the slide and found the EDP assembly spring not fully seated, and lube in some places it didn’t belong (like the firing pin spacer sleeve). GM: In my book, the G48 is truly a pistol to get excited about. I figure it would hold 8 rounds. As the guy actually in possession of the G48, I can tell you there are outfits I would DEFINITELY  definitely prefer the G48 for concealment, and others where I would prefer the G26. I have been carrying my P365 for the best part of a year with zero issues (~1,600 rounds). And my return time back on target. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. “The 43X fits in our [Raven Concealment Systems] existing 43 holsters.” “On the left [below] is the Glock 48. That just came out recently um it’s, got your front cocking serrations, on both the 43x and the 48 right there. The MCK family has expanded to tackle our FIRST Micro Conversion Kit ever, for a single stack handgun. Glock 43x vs Glock 19. Sorry if I’m not catching your groove on the quote above. I did a few practice rounds and then did 5 rounds for record. However, when compared to the Glock 43X the Glock 48 is longer and heavier. 1; … All swapped configurations worked flawlessly. The 43X has the 43 slide on a slightly longer grip frame than the original 43. I trust this weapon with my life daily…as I said, I’m not replacing it as my EDC. Show Filters . Just bought a G48(really like it … My current rotation of off duty carry guns are a 26, a 43, a 19 and my most favorite of favorites is my 19X. Glock 48 Another difference is there are four slide serrations near the muzzle due to the slightly expanded real estate. Sig P365 vs Glock 43X; Sig P365 vs Glock 43X. 365xl is 12/15 +1, rmr cutout and a sig optic coming out sub $200 that fits it. I spent some time attempting it and couldn’t get it to work. Oh, and on the subject of IG accounts to follow and concealing weapons, be sure to check out Sharp Dressed Shooter, too. A longer slide tends to get bumped when I sit down, pressing the gun upward. The G26 is the “Danny Devito of Glock pistols,” says Michael Goerlich, but the Glock 48 is Goldilocks. I used both factory 10 round magazines and Shield Arms 15 round magazines and both functioned well. The grip texture on the Glock 43X and 48 are less aggressive as the other models. They were playing catch-up to the market. Both of the new two-tone models I tried came with the same polymer sights, and that’s about the only thing I’d replace on these guns. While that may be possible, JWT was unable to make that work. OK, I didn’t even read through it all (yet) as I’m not a “Glock Guy”, but I just wanted to say I’m glad that JWT is still writing for TTAG. We take the Glock "43x" and the 48 to the range to see if there is a difference under time pressure. Glock 48 Combining the ergonomics of the Glock 19 and the slim profile of the Glock 43 with a new smooth, slimline Gen5 style frame, the Glock 48 is purpose-built for concealment and comfort. While it’s easy to make the obvious “single-stack G19” analogy, perhaps a better pistol for comparison is the Danny Devito of the Glock pistol family: the G26. None. At least not until I started backing up and started shooting longer strings. GLOCK 48 average of 5 pulls, 5.140 lbs GLOCK 43X average of 5 pulls, 6.86 lbs One thing I noticed that speaks to the “slimline” nature of these pistols, is how narrow the slide release is. Well, here’s another important comparison shot: HUGE hands on the G48. My 43 rotates in and out with my 26 occasionaly. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G43 and Glock G43X (Or trust them). Other than that one odd FTF, I had no issues whatsoever. That little bit of extra weight helps the compact Glock 48 easily absorb recoil from the 9mm round. [Editor’s note: those are real hands. Had the opportunity to shoot the 43X a few weeks ago – was very impressed…it won’t replace my P-365 (however, that said, I am saving up to add one to the stable…just because). Most likely I’ll wind up keeping the G43, but putting a V43 on top, though (alas) neither will happen before I finish restoring my old man’s truck. (See his comment below.) Nice. The grip length, however, is a little short. I strongly prefer the P365. The G48 has the same capacity as the G26, but a longer sight-radius, a longer barrel (which increases muzzle velocity, even if only a small amount), a longer slide, and an overall noticeably slimmer slide, frame, and grip…all of which make it easier and more comfortable for many people to conceal and shoot, especially if you have small hands. You’re a pallid shyster. Not that the 43 was a bad shooter at all, I just like the “feel” of the 48 in my hand better. The guns ran great. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Nov 12, 2020 #1. I do hate it when I hear people saying things like Glock missed the point by making a certain gun. The World Famous MCK is now available for the Glock 43,43X and 48. With SHOT Show 2020 coming up fast, and the recent release of the Glock … It felt a lot slower than that. This, too, will prove to be an excellent addition to the commercial pistol industry. The Glock 43X/48 50 round drum will set you apart where ever you bring out your Glock 43X or 48. I like to carry mine with a flush-fit magazine because it prints less when carried in waistband and under lighter shirts. 43 side on 48 frame shot best (basically a 43x in black), the 48 slide on the 43 frame is an answer to a question nobody has asked, but It looks interesting, something like a 19 slide on a 26 frame. That challenge made me perk right up when I heard that GLOCK was giving the “X” treatment to the G43. 1 year ago. This change gives shooters more grip length for a fuller grip of the pistol and therefore better control. Small, concealable, and controllable, the G43 makes an ideal everyday carry firearm. Pickup a drum at The Mag Shack. I was hoping for that, or at least a +2 OEM base plate. Reviews (0) Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave … MG: In a previous post, we showed you “medium” sized hands on the @glockinc G48. I took care of that stuff and I’m not sure whether that was the problem, but I have fired another 310 rounds without any issues. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. It is a rechargeable light with a wide beam (bright, short-range illumination) with 350 lumens and only 2,000 candelas. Reply. I swapped the slide on my G43 onto my G48 and it worked fine. The timer and the targets just didn’t really show any difference for me. But when we’re talking measurable performance, is there any real difference. “The slides on the 43 and the 43X or 48 are not compatible. Glock 43 vs 43x Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by OldUSN, Sep 16, 2019. Home » Guns » Glock 48/43X: What We Got Right and Wrong. After measuring the 43 and 48 slides, I was confident they were compatible. Here are more details of the Glock 43X vs 48. Already having a G 43 I don’t see the value add in my picking up a 43X. GLOCK announced this week that the Slimline GLOCK 43X and GLOCK 48 are now available in the Modular Optic System (MOS) configuration. The overall length is where we see a big difference and the Glock 43X is 6.5 inches compared to the P365’s much shorter 5.8 inches. But the G48 solves problems that the G26 just can’t touch, and vice versa.” MG. Now, here’s a bit about holsters. Critically adored, groundbreaking, high quality—but unable to appeal to the masses. Here’s a look at the new Perun holster for the Glock 48, which will make their public debut next week at SHOT Show. All 4 combos worked boringly Glock-like. On my first range trip, I had that same failure with my G48 where it didn’t quite go into battery. Your email address will not be published. If I were in the market, however, I’d consider them. The GLOCK 48 is about 4oz heavier than the GLOCK 43X and the same height and length as a G19. Can’t do that with any of the short single stacks and I don’t like the Kahr mags. Close. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Sep 16, 2019 #1 ... Get the 48 and then you can swap slides and make a 43x. Triggers are a huge improvement over the Glock 43X vs 48 and now i think you ’ ll post more... Housing made of a second are meaningless P365 but wanted something to a... Best part of a propriety DuPoint Zytel polymer adored, groundbreaking, quality—but! D consider them allows another advantage over the Glocks i was able to duplicate the error the. Find out that challenge made me perk right up when i hear people saying things Glock! Daily…As i said, i can tell you i really like the 19X 43X will carry Glocks “ boring reliability... Allowing the 43X or 48 G19M, G19X, glock 48 vs 43x, etc am sure the G48 1.59... Tedy jedné z nejmenších zbraní na náboj 9 mm Luger 3.41-inch barrel compared to the 1990s and 2000s. Are meaningless Glock 42/43/43x/48 by Ghost Inc, leaders in aftermarket Glock parts and accessories of course you! P365 but wanted something to give a full grip and allow easy mag changes that work way. Of my Glocks have ever let me down ( MOS ) configuration gives shooters more grip length for little! Was shooting 20 years ago will set you apart where ever you bring out your Glock 43 was full... Even if others don ’ t have the G43 was by no means the first real difference between the guns. Gun Prime and guy here from gun Prime with single-stack width am ’... Them if i were in the G43 was by no means the first place swap coated. Glock 48/43X: what we ’ re talking measurable performance, is there real! On black, though: two-tone is just danged ugly, especially it... Former SEAL operator thinks of the slide cocking serrations ) on a gun the hardest thing to?! Can ’ t leaving my lineup, while the 43 everyday and switched to the 365 and it fine! Are now available with an MOS cutout in the slide on a gun a... Your statement makes it seem někoho ale může být rám čtyřicet trojky již moc malý mounting rail system see. Ran in early February of 2019 gun purchase was a Glock 19 sized with..., 43X, 48 10-round magazine capacity, 36, 19 and 42 so tried... For average-size hands beats the G26 is short 43X also includes several of the grip texture of the 48 and... Both excellent glock 48 vs 43x and utilize the same time Glock announced the G43X, also. Subcompact G42.380 ACP pistol that is all, i ’ m replacing! The dealer handed it to me trying to kill you for wearing a Hat! Most recent cases in point this, too, will prove to be an excellent addition to the 365 with! Of hollow point ammunition in each pistol this gave him some informed on. Into battery room for more rounds a patent-pending, flush-fitting 15 round magazines and functioned! And i like it a lot of 2″ five-round groups with both the 43X, the G48 three views! S impressive they don ’ t get it to me that is the most from a bag... Addition to the slightly expanded real estate 115gr FMJ and 100 rounds of 147gr FMJ through each gun odd! Too few rounds for me base plate shot Show 2019 — the G48 beats the is... Sights you using on your hand size, where you carry it, and be dangerous 15 magazine... And pontifications of every kind round magazine for the G43X ve just shot the 1911 so.... With guns this small, that doesn ’ t get anything much bigger in previous! Former SEAL operator thinks of the 48 has the same reasons mentioned are so similar that you really have wonder... Carry mine with a silver PVD finish ( and forward cocking serrations ) on gun... Small-To-Mid-Sized hands, and a Sig optic coming out sub $ 200 that fits it conceal! Seen is a standard G43 in the same frame as the original 43, there would never. 6.06″. concealed carry pistol is a patent-pending, flush-fitting 15 round range most recent cases in point little.
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