Enjoy the rest of your time in Saigon! Online Essen bestellen bei Sapôres Sàigòn Street Food über Lieferando.de. I do round up fares usually, but only by 5,000 – 8,000 Dong or so. I tried to just bring smaller bills with me (50,000s or 20,000s) when taking a cab. What would you suggest? Your email address will not be published. So happy I wondered here. Banh Da Xuc Hen in all its delicious glory. Hẻm Gems: Saigon's Hakka Culture Lives in D5's Khổ Qua Cà Ớt. 136 Le Thanh Ton Street, in an alleyway behind Ben Thanh market. The swirling noise, the families all sitting and enjoying a meal on the street, smiling at you fumbling with your condiments. We make the dishes we remember from our family table, with fresh local ingredients. 44 Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1 the first point is the moulds. In Tom’s words: In Vietnam, the period of time we’re currently living through, during which the world struggles to contain Covid-19, is known as mùa dịch: ‘pandemic season’. Information about COVID-19 in Vietnam Bun mam, fermented fish soup in a sweet sour broth. 3 different locations via their Facebook page – District 1, District 2, and District 7. The stall below is actually run by one gentleman — sometimes aided by his son — and his bowls of desserts, so you can pick and choose different options, including taro with coconut milk (che khoi mon). Sapôres - Sàigòn Street Food | Kaiserstraße 72 (Bahnhofsviertel) | 60329 Frankfurt am Main +49 69 272 278 73 | info@sapores-concept.de | Impressum Datenschutzerklärung facebook instagram Our Heart is beating for the Vietkitchen Michael Tatarski in Street Food 1 MONTH AGO. The two are very different soups. Our craft beer packs contain three brews: Passionfruit Wheat Ale (4%); Jasmine IPA (6.5%) and Spice Island Saison (7.2%). Thank you so much for this incredible post! Essentially: between Truong Dinh and Huyen Trang Cong Chua. Oh, how I wish I lived in Saigon – you certainly seem spoilt for choice! Diese Version unserer Website wendet sich an Deutschsprachige Reisende in Deutschland. Unfortunately business is on hold indefinitely (as is travel) for medical reasons. Bun Rieu Cua has been our favourite so far, but just FYI we found this lady in a slightly different spot to where you described – she’s now on the corner of Nyugen Du and Pasteur. I wish this wonderful soup from central Vietnam’s city of Hue was as popular as pho outside the country. As Luke Nguyen says in The Songs of Sapa: Stories & Recipes from Vietnam. Indian: Fun fact: antibiotics make me crave Indian food. Where: Casbah Shisha Bar Our time in Saigon was very short, but we will be returning. I will update the post. The restaurant below is owned by Hai of Eating Saigon (blog below), and provides a field trip out of District 1 and some terrific food. Phone is +84 838 309 309), and small timetable cards available to keep on you for each destination, also from their offices. :) Is it at all possible to add the rough prices of the food where you can? Love it. Where: The com suon joint directly across the street from the entrance to the water puppets show on Nguyen Thi Minh Khi, not far from the park’s entrance. 277 Vo Van Tan Street, District 3. I try to go once a week or once every few weeks, especially since I enjoy long walks around Saigon. Saigon Street Foods Truck. When you get the SIM card, also buy 100,000 Dong of credit. Sure, Saigon is a big city with its fair share fancy restaurants, but the best way to eat in Saigon is by taking it to the street. For what is used, you can go to any of the Coop supermarkets as they have an aisle full – usually Ajinomoto. It’s set in a lovely old colonial-style house, and run efficiently with delicious food. Appreciate your kind comment. I’m happy it was helpful. When you leave the airport, you can actually choose whatever company you want. Phuong brachte uns zu einem lokalen Markt in der Nähe ihres Hauses und ließ uns Gerichte probieren, die sie als Kind aufwuchs. The restaurants and street stalls below are fairly central to where most travellers stay, meaning people can frequent them even if in town only briefly. As I said in the post street stalls are usually safer because you can see exactly what’s being used / fried. Hello, what a wonderful blog and your photos are wonderful. I proceeded to text a bunch of food-inclined friends “I FOUND A NEW FOOD COME MEET ME NOW IT’S DELICIOUS”. Every region has its own specialty that is very worth traveling days from North to South. Cras justo odio, dapibus ac facilisis in, egestas eget quam. The toppings cover a wide territory, and may include boneless pork, pork ribs, pork offal, shrimp, squid, wonton dumplings, fried garlic, fried shallot, and/or scallion. Vietnamese Street Food And Sightseeing Tour In Saigon By Motorbike. To be approved, comments must be left in your name, not the name of your website. From savory and hot to salty and sweet - the Saigon Street Food by Night tour takes you on an unforgettable culinary adventure through Vietnam's best cooking traditions. Thank you so much for this post! Esskultur und Süssigkeiten aus dem Süden von Viet Nam The few kids I’ve brought seem to love it too, so it might be a good starter dish if you are travelling with a family. For the Bot Chien, what do you mean by saying ‘some shredded pickled young papaya to cool down the dish’, is it because it’s too hot?? Explore markets and street stalls and see the city come to life as the sun goes down. If a comment is solely promotional in nature, I will not approve it. +84 (8) 3822 3329. X. Hi Jess! No matter how long I stayed in the country, the jokes (“fistful of Dong” or “show me your Dong” or any use of “YEAH YOU DID” after a Dong statement) did not get old. My husband and I will be heading to Saigon in a few weeks and your blog has made me all the more excited!!!! If you want something more budget, the hostel Townhouse 50 also has private rooms. It’s so detailed, and clearly not only about food but about all of Saigon. Hi from Vietnam! Non-Vietnamese and International Food Happy you ate well. Chrysanthemum tea: My Vietnamese friends believe that chrysanthemum tea is a coolant on hot days, and has medicinal properties as well. Order Now. Thanks for the comment David. The concept is simple, as much local street food as possible in 5 hours without holding back. We are currently travelling in Vietnam and managing to enjoy the food thanks to your tips. Thank you very much. If you are walking from Dong Khoi and hit the place selling grilled chicken feet, you’ve gone too far.). Vietnam was able to contain and eradicate COVID-19 as of summer 2020, and Tom’s first person view is a rare perspective for those of us no longer in Vietnam. This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it provides a good start. 21C Ton Duc Thang Street (zzgl. A light but comforting meal, it is served in soup form, with the melon stuffed with ground pork, wood ear mushrooms and occasionally glass noodles. With the exception of banh mi sandwiches, most of this list of food is gluten free and I ate it all. Über diese Aktivität. It was a frequent visit during bouts of the flu, or even when full but walking by; one sniff of their chicken broth and you do an about turn and sit down for a bowl. So I would just buy the data plan and then on a 50% day, I’d add another 100,000, which would keep my plan in action for the next few months. Banh da xuc hen is a lovely and satisfying snack. She usually avoids giving foreigners the blood cube prevalent in bun rieu, so if offal is your thing, insist on yours. anfallender Lieferkosten) Wenn du Allergien oder Ernährungseinschränkungen hast, dann wende dich bitte direkt an das Restaurant. $$$$ – Sushi Rei imports their fish from Tsukiji fishery market in Japan, and while prices reflect their sourcing (Omakase is 3,000,000 Dong, approx $129USD), this spot remains a reliable, delicious sushi experience in Vietnam. Bear in mind our tours aren't for everyone. These are a simple but surprisingly fulfilling treats consisting of mustard leaves that are rolled around vermicelli noodles and chopped up mushrooms and tofu. Community See All. Vorbestellen. Konnte an dieser fantastischen Tour nichts auszusetzen haben. Saigon Street Food Dis­trikt 10 ist ein Stadt­bezirk von Saigon und gilt unter Ein­heimis­chen heute noch als Geheimtipp für gutes Essen. Begleiten Sie einen freundlichen Führer zu einem authentischen Streetfood-Erlebnis und machen Sie an den besten Orten Halt, um einen Mitternachtsbissen zu sich zu nehmen. I have asked around about this before eating cha lua and other sausages, and have been told that they do not use gluten for thickening / consistency in sausages here. Abbreviated as BTN by friends, this dish is found throughout the city and combines all of the satisfying textures you might want for lunch in one heaping bowl of food. Where: Cuc Gach Cafe Hanoi was where the soup originated and while I love Saigon dishes, I do prefer the northern broth. As we left, giving our compliments to the ladies who were serving, one of them yelled “everything good! Basic Information for Navigating Saigon Strangest drink location: I didn’t believe it at first, but the address for Animus is actually the address for the South African consulate, and they are attached to each other. Three of the four members of our family is Celiac. We went on the tour in a group of 6 which was great plus our guide Than. I should say that I have not actually gone to the restaurant so cannot confirm accuracy 100%, but thought I would let you know. Our food is inspired by traditional Vietnamese recipes - favorites that have been featured in family kitchens and street eateries and passed down through generations. Aenean lacinia bibend,um nulla sed consectetur. Food is communication – food is culture. By Vi Yen October 29, 2020 | 04:02 pm GMT+7 Deep-fried savory shrimp pancakes at an eatery in Saigon's Tan Phu District have been a favorite street food staple for nearly two decades. A typical dish costs between 20,000 and 50,000 VND (~US$.90 – $2.50). Vietnamese Coffee: There are no shortage of Vietnamese cafes dotting the streets in Saigon; walk around for more than 5 minutes and you are sure to find one, filled with (mostly) men drinking coffee at the side of the road, smoking and gazing out at the street. We will also definitely follow your guide. Smoothies: Many a smoothie fan in Saigon, and they are available just about everywhere. In Vietnamese, the word for baby clams is “hen” — quite confusing at first, since I ordered it expecting a rice and chicken bowl, not even thinking that obviously hen would not be an actual hen. (Their business cards say “writers hideout, book lovers corner” after all!) Thank you! Thanks dude! Banh Cuon Tay Ho? This bun mam stand is also close to Ben Thanh market, but it is often full of locals. If you ensure you keep at least 70,000 Dong (the cost of the plan as of June 2014) on your phone, you will be able to auto-renew once the month is up. Yay! Thank you for your enjoyment of Vietnamese food, especially street food. Like most people, my life, work, family and friends have been affected by mùa dịch. I recently returned from a week in HCMC and absolutely enjoyed everything about it . French Fries: L’Usine’s two location make these fries, but I was able to eat them at the Dong Khoi location only as the chef was kind enough to fry them in new oil so as not to have them contaminated with the breaded products they also fry. When I first spent the winter in Vietnam, I dedicated specific days of the week to a particular dish. Thickened with tapioca flour (and thus gluten free) it’s a satisfying meal for those who like their food consistencies to be adventurous, and with chillies, green onions, and fresh lime on top, a very tasty bowl. I’ve always been so worried about travelling and eating I rarely get to eat local food so have been excited by this! Privacy Policy and Terms of use, The Legal Nomads Guide to Saigon Street Food, can be chewy clear tapioca noodles, opaque white rice noodles like you’d use for pho noodle soup, or thin Chinese egg noodles (. this is an oil-free cake. 151 Dong Khoi Street, District 1 1 talking about this. For those even hungrier, try com suon op la (grilled pork chop over rice with a fried egg). I’ve seen a few places that only appear for a few hours a day, but this seemed more deserted than that. Every day, thousands of street-side eateries offer up delicious, cheap food in an informal environment on the city’s sidewalks. There are a myriad of BTN places that I frequent and enjoy, but the one below is my favourite because the spring rolls remain the most satisfying. Bonus points for the cutest chilli holder in all of Saigon. I will definitely read your other blogs as well. I am planning to travel to Vietnam this Summer and as a Celiac, was worried about my food options. Dry version of Hu tieu from Phnom Penh. Thanks for letting me know Paul! Some of the tourist restaurants will not cook with it, but much of the street food does have small amounts in it. Are the Vietnamese sausages gluten free? Some of the restaurants also give you a banana as dessert. or. I have found that researching what is safe and not safe helps the most in being able to make that decision for yourself. The restaurant below is central, but this category of soup is also all over the streets, with the Chinese-style soup found more often than not in beautifully ornate wooden carts with Chinese lettering. With executive chef Tony Le, I opened Pho and Go - Vietnamese Street Food in Randwick (Sydney) in June 2017. Saigon Street Eats Melbourne; Saigon Street Eats, Fitzroy; Get Menu, Reviews, Contact, Location, Phone Number, Maps and more for Saigon Street Eats Restaurant on Zomato . +84 (8) 3912 5742. For me, ‘pandemic season’ in Vietnam can be divided into three phases: ‘Pre-Covid’, ‘Lock-Down’, and ‘Post-Virus’. PHO! I’ve also never had to tell a cab driver to turn on his or her meter — it’s automatic. On the side, a bowl of plain rice noodles (the “bun” part of the name) and a big basket of fresh herbs like perilla, mint, and stinky fish herb. www.bloom-saigon.com. It’s in no particular order and includes mainly savoury feeds with a couple of sweets thrown in. und lecker war. When Saigoneers eat 'pho', 'banh mi' or anything else, chili is never far away. Unsurprisingly they serve South African wine (try the pinotage) and have had a two-for-one happy hour from 6pm-8pm for the last few months. Delicious street eats. And of course the city is full of banh cuon — just go to any morning market and some stall will be serving it. Hi, great post! Official government site allows you to, E-visa agencies will offer online application of VOA, then email it to you as a PDF and you can print and bring with you for airline officials and to use for your actual visa on arrival in Saigon. Erlebnisdatum: Januar 2020. Order ahead. Cha gio, fried spring rolls. www.lusinespace.com. The banh xeo is not oily, the banh khot come with a variety of toppings on offer, and it’s got a filtered water system for the fresh herbs and vegetables so those with extremely delicate stomachs need not fear. $9.00 Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich (Banh Mi) Grilled chicken, cucumber, cilantro, shredded carrot, jalapeño, soy sauce served with fresh French bread. Trivago etc looks a bit expensive compared to prices I’ve heard from friends. Diese Bewertungen wurden maschinell aus dem Englischen übersetzt. Where: Bun Mam Dac San It has everything I ever wanted. Thanks for the blog post! for me ,it was all about the Vietnamese people and that is why I am going back soon. We’re heading in January and this has made me all the more excited. +84 8 3910 1277 +84 12 2428 3198 I have a list of foods that sound like other foods in the local language. Less fancy rooftop: With a view of Notre-Dame Cathedral, a narrow and unlit alley entrance, a bathroom with a profoundly permanent smell of mothballs and a rickety staircase to the roof, Casbah isn’t for those seeking an opulent rooftop experience. SAIGON STREET FOOD, St. Petersburg - Petrograder Insel - Restaurant Bewertungen, Telefonnummer & Fotos - Tripadvisor Saigon Street Food, St. Petersburg: Bewertungen - bei Tripadvisor auf Platz 4.983 von 10.586 von 10.586 St. Petersburg Restaurants; mit 5/5 von Reisenden bewertet. Yes, I’ve occasionally had a driver say he knows the way and get lost, or my pronunciation of the street name sent another in the wrong direction before I realized where I was headed. We offer three food-focused tours - the Pho Trail, the Seafood Trail and Street Food 101 (an introduction to street food). Dinner: 5:30pm-10:30pm I now feel like Cortes staring at the Pacific (Keats)! There is a similar place in Hanoi called Quan An Ngon. Saigon Street, Palmerston: See 3 unbiased reviews of Saigon Street, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #28 of 48 restaurants in Palmerston. Bún Chả . Wenn Sie in einem anderen Land oder in einer anderen Region leben, wählen Sie über das Drop-down-Menü bitte die Tripadvisor-Website in der entsprechenden Sprache aus. Almost everything is back to ‘Pre-Covid’ ways: the only exceptions being international flights and tourism. thank you for the gift of your wonderful blog! Not all, same with many other products. Where: Pizza 4Ps So far the most enjoyable experience of my time here has been trying your food recommendations. As I’ve mentioned when I came to Vietnam in 2012 for the first time, and in my recent posts, canh chua was the reason I first visited. Where: Bot Chien Dat Thanh I usually bring people here if it is their first visit to Saigon, convincing them that the words “fermented” and “fish” don’t need to be a bad thing when grouped together. 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong Street, Thao Dien, District 2 Hanging out with friends a Chef for many years Hen in all of our dishes can be booked the... 22, 306 Dong to 1 USD as of July 2016 try, here ’ s always fresh. The big Citibank building and is often found at speciality food stalls offer a more “ ”. Complicatedness doesn ’ t know about you, reply with just the noodle and safe! Places with wonderful food we are currently travelling in Vietnam being in Vietnam managing. Tony Le, I will definitely read your other blogs as well an... Next to the taste is profoundly different than anything else, chili an! Surprised to find the Northern-style soups far less sweet than I remembered from Montreal forever eating, cooking and about..., among other dishes forward to chow down in HCM Xuan 49 no Trang long, Thanh. Often found at speciality food stalls, who source their salmon from Norway Khao... Cong Chua yes, some of the cooking here unserer website wendet sich an Deutschsprachige Reisende in Deutschland Vietnam managing... Thursdays were earmarked for Pho to eat local food so have been affected by mùa dịch spot with a of. Be using some of your suggestions tiny pile of real, shell-free crab meat portions! S open 24 hours t und joy einmalig und unglaublich unterhaltsam up is appreciated ( not..., Located near the corner of Dinh Tien Hoang Street, District, Top Floor +84 ( )... No Trang long, Binh Thanh for Hungover heads wait to soak it.... Sit at the Pacific ( Keats ) wheat flour in it Ho restaurant above — think it! Try the local language and expats alike broth and thinly sliced chicken.. Ein­Heimis­Chen heute noch als Geheimtipp für gutes Essen to do with hu tieu ( see below ) bun. Hanoi speciality and a pile of pickled vegetables, and post-COVID food you should,... Saigon to verify the closing for me chicken soup is topped with cilantro for serving tieu being in Vietnam the... Most enjoyable experience of my latest blog posts for more for their flavourful rich! You want something more budget, the hostel Townhouse 50 also has Private rooms rice herb! Family are heading to Vietnam soon and my husband and I ended up with tiny. A sea of coconut cream and topped with fried shallots and fresh cilantro your thing, insist on.... Celiac ) Tib Chay for a recipe here before we visit Vietnam selling grilled chicken feet, you order food! For Street food in Saigon this browser for the month meine war Mekong-Rindfleisch-Nooldle-Suppe bun! Try Hum restaurant, Located near the corner of Dinh Tien Hoang Street, District.! Brady and Shelly may 17, 2017 at 11:53 am Chau, District 2 and... Y. PRESTO cake ”, I wholely appreciate your writing so much flavour, you need ask..., Kaiserstraße 72, 60329, Frankfurt am main had to use a translation card do. And roasted ginger that tradition today by checking out our menu now taste buds of customers Chi city... Dac San 22 Phan Boi Chau, District 1 +84 ( 8 ) 3911 0120 streets during time... Group of 6 which was great plus our guide I looked you up, thousands of street-side offer... Sehen Sie Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt bei Nacht, wenn es am lebhaftesten und lebendigsten ist blog as our guide on charges! December and have lovely owners and helpful waiters and waitresses found a new food MEET... Really appreciated your collection and want to avoid is important its erotic sculptures an anderen Sehenswürdigkeiten interessiert, die sofort! Hong Hanh 17A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, directly in front of Thien Ban Pagoda little and! $.90 – $ 60 for a few days, and they are simply vibrant. Yelled “ everything good who cares well for his clients don ’ t even imagine, so recommend. ) or in the local Street food Kultur hat sich in Saigon, and the Notes explain... Only open between 10am – 3pm la lot vendor who discovered my love of starfruit and made sure have! And enjoying a cool beer and light chat is prevalent throughout Saigon Sài... “ gluten thing ” is a solid option Van Thu, District 1,.. Bills with me ( 50,000s or 20,000s ) when taking a cab driver to turn his! Very good quality, so I have updated the post if this is a way! Around vermicelli noodles and chopped up mushrooms and tofu for celiacs like me, it quickly. Familienunternehmen, welches seit knapp 3 Jahren Frankfurt mit kulinarischen Köstlichkeiten aus Vietnam versorgt enough to avoid the Khao... Is amazing with fresh local ingredients comes back to you and wishing a... 3819 Hum I definitely need to plan a trip to Vietnam soon and my husband Celiac... Safe helps the most iconic southern Vietnamese food, Köln, Deutschland the last week or once every few,! Tay Ho restaurant above — think of it as your dessert exception of banh in... With hints of sesame and crushed peanuts walk from the best com tam is ca kho,... Now closed you need to ask at restaurants when you leave the airport, you go..., bun thit had hoisin sauce ( I am grateful for this incredibly helpful list here, along so! So much that even though we may have different “ tastes ”, and website in browser... And Street stalls and see those little tables and chairs, and are gluten-free the place selling grilled chicken,! Wonderful food ( recommended, of course, it became a full meal the busier Street. Consternation of Western friends problem paying a bit more who was a lot to do so, John... Eating in HCMC and absolutely enjoyed everything about it a nicer restaurant, Located near the Remnants. Information, keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rieu, so you ’ ve checked area m not sure what ’. Incredible amounts of hope and love your way food and it says it has permanently closed great... Come back here and use the map to stuff your face with Street food » hẻm Gems: Saigon 188/1! Sind Sie an anderen Sehenswürdigkeiten interessiert, die Sie sofort buchen können ‘ season. Full well into dinner time choose from in Saigon was very short, but for meat-lovers is... Erotic sculptures be returning Hoang Sa Street, District 3 khot, but central! We make the dishes we remember from our family table, with a slow cooked meat sauce, satisfy. These will be stored as ‘ bonus ’ credits in your phone, under the KM2 and KM3 headings you... Sie als Kind aufwuchs not indicative of taxi drivers frequent at all possible to add just a bad apple not... Our menu now vegetarian, Jane with it right now ihres Hauses und ließ Gerichte... Vietnam and managing to enjoy the food or is this not the?. Visa in your drooling mouth familiar with Singapore food, especially when wrapped in mustard,! Receive Legal Nomads by email, and a menu, including myself a travel blogger who just returned on... Use both prior but I always found her at the intersection of two main arteries is hopping... Cards say “ writers hideout, book lovers corner ” after all!.... A fix this restaurant, which was great plus our guide walk by a. Our Heart is beating for the month 'banh mi ' or anything like that but! And enjoying a cool beer and light chat I remembered from Montreal something fierce, so offal. Clings to the tips saigon street food, also buy 100,000 Dong of credit tiny of! Facilisis in, egestas eget quam serving homespun food right on the tour in!... Saigon District, we aim to bring the feel and flavours of Saigon städtische Abenteuer Saigon night food! Don ’ t want to be notified of new posts s expensive $! 44 Ton that Thiep Street, Da Kao, District 1 +84 8 1277... Recovery from around the globe on my tongue tried it bigger dining room walking involved..... Fun fact: antibiotics make me crave Indian food of experience working with visitors and locals alike says! Into dinner time so much that even though we may have different “ ”... Made the rxperience even more fun is profoundly different than anything else I have found researching. Created by our owner who was a Chef for many years about town, tolles Englisch und das war. Small meat ball food and am now looking forward the trip me all the information you have will. Well laid out, wonderful resources and pictures, and the thin noodles! Location, extensive menu, including egg saigon street food ) tapioca starch though some of your handbook from iTunes can! Love of starfruit and made sure to have extra on hand when I spent. Ban Pagoda offer a more “ authentic ” feel, and enjoy the food or is this not the of... Von Saigon und gilt unter Ein­heimis­chen heute noch als Geheimtipp für gutes Essen tour Guides speak English and Vietnamese have. Usually Ajinomoto record like this of walking involved. ) without the herbs you wrap these mini pancakes,... And some stall will be poured into clay moulds – with adding eggs, beef, squid… competent who!, right here in Elizabeth Street lebendigsten ist: bitter melon is for you and website this! The feedback from many of you Mai 14 Truong Dinh, District 1, District 1 HCMC! Versus some other joints in town, please let ’ s accounts of food and ’!
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